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Ending Homelessness with God's Love

2nd Anniversary of Home Run Team Mentors.
Home Run Team

home run team mentors men for success!

Home Run Team Mentors give of their time (volunteer), their talent (skills and abilities) and their treasure (donations). This is all done in love to help men who have experienced homelessness in their lives. The goal is to see those that are mentored become successful in life.

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Home Run Mentors

Home Run Mentors are men who meet with men from the Caringplace and help them with interviewing for a job, finding employment, have special outings with the group, and just have fun. The Home Run Team also raise funds to provide shelter and services for men in the residential recovery programs. For more information email us at Home Run Team.

How You Can Help

  • Mentor a Man
  • Meet 1 times a month
  • Encourage Men to Stay
  • Empower Men
  • Help with Vocational Skills
  • Help with Employment
  • Listen and Understand
Liann Marcos

“It's so gratifying to help men as a mentor. I would encourge others to give of their time and skills to help a person who has experienced homelessness become successful in life. ”

Claude Delorme, Executive Vice President, Operations and Events, Miami Marlins; co-founder of Home Run Team Mentors.